Townlands & Gateways

Townlands & Gateways

Our traditional farm features, including gateways, farm buildings and hedges, help shape our landscape, but many have been lost as farming practices change.  Large machinery cannot pass through traditional gateways and many crafted stone pillars and lovely metal gates, have been replaced or fallen into disuse.  

We have worked with farmers and other landowners to repair and re-instate some of these gateways and to find out more about other farming heritage such as lime kilns, corbelled pig sties, fields and field names, kelp grids and other features.  

With the help of landowners we uncovered relations between people and their surrounding  landscape. We also promoted disappearing skills and traditions that used to be the essence of local lifestyle, in particular stone masonry and ironworking.  

It's hard to find two identical examples in any gatweway, as all of them were hand made from wrought iron and stone. Very often blacksmiths expressed their skills by decorating them with creative ornaments.

Download our booklet "Gateways to Strangford and Lecale" to find out more.  

This is part of the Turn O' The Tide Programme, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. 





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  • Townlands and Gateways

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