Seed kit applications 2018 now open!

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Seed kit applications 2018 now open!

Transform an urban or unloved space with wildflowers…

Are you ready to become part of the UK’s largest wildflower initiative, by bringing people together to transform a shared space in your community with native wildflowers?

Yes! Tell me how…

Step 1: Find a shared space where you live or work (and find out who owns it!)

Step 2: Take a picture

Step 3: To apply fill in a few details, including who you plan to involve in transforming the space, and upload your picture using the application form (applications close on 4th March, so get on it!)

Step 4: If successful you will receive your free kit/s by mid-March.

You will receive an essential seed kit and additional participant kits, depending on how many people you’ll be growing with. The kits contain:

  • Your mini guide – a booklet with lots of helpful advice and guidance on growing
  • At least 10 packets of UK native wildflower seeds – that’s enough to cover 20m² of ground!
  • Stickers
  • Promotional posters
  • Seed saving envelopes
  • A growing calendar to put up on your wall

In the UK we’re lucky to have some amazing wildflowers. Bringing people together, getting active, growing as a group and giving back through volunteering can all improve health and wellbeing. Plus by creating these pockets of wild beauty for your neighbors and friends, you will be contributing to their wellbeing too. Well done you!

Don't forget to read the boring bit, ahem we mean T&Cs.

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