Investing in Nature Friendly Farming Webinars with the RSPB and the Nature Friendly Farming Network

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During summer 2020 the RSPB teamed up with the Nature Friendly Farming Network to provide two seminars on:

'How to secure a profitable future in farming' and '

'Why we should invest in nature-friendly farming'

These webinars demonstrated how a...

AONB Lockdown Help for Farms to Become More Resilient

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AONBs Lockdown Help for Farms to become More Resilient
The management teams of the Ring of Gullion, the Mournes and Strangford and Lecale AONBs (Areas of Outstanding Nature Beauty) have teamed up with the Woodland Trust to invite interested members of the farming community to sign up for a farm plan project.
This is the second year of a project which is working closely with farmers to partner them in trialling a new approach to...

Brent Geese are back in the Lough

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Over the last week or so we have started to see the Brent Geese Branta bernicla hrota arriving on our shores.
Strangford Lough is world famous as the main arrival site for most of the Canadian population (up to 80%) of pale-bellied Brent goose. These geese travel to this area, in early autumn, in their tens of thousands from Arctic Canada to over-winter in our warmer climate.
The geese primarily feed on eel grass (Zostera) which grows in the inter-tidal sand and mudflats although they will graze in the fields neighbouring the shore.

Watch out for Wildlife Crime - Marine Wildlife Disturbance

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Did you know some marine species are protected by law? If you see anyone injuring, disturbing or harassing marine wildlife, the incident should be reported. Call the 

Opening Doors to the Outdoors Project

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Opening Doors to the Outdoors Project

The Outdoor Partnership (TOP) was formed in 2004 to address a disconnect in the North West Wales outdoor sector whereby there were limited opportunities for local people to take part in outdoor activities in their communities and as a result residents saw little value in either the health, wellbeing and employment opportunities.

The Big Butterfly Count

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The Big Butterfly Count is a nationwide citizen science survey aimed at helping to assess the health of our environment. 

The Big Butterfly Count 2020 will run from Friday 17 July to Sunday 9 August.

Find out how to take part and download your i.d guide here

Adopt a Spot

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Is there an area near you that could use a bit of TLC? Could you commit to carrying out just four clean ups a year? Then get involved in our Adopt A Spot programme!

Adopt a Spot is a scheme that enables volunteers across Northern Ireland to adopt an area and look after it.

Adopters can be anyone, from families, community or youth groups, schools, businesses and sporting associations. Live Here Love Here will provide groups with an adoption pack containing all the equipment you need, including a hints and tips booklet on how to run a successful clean up.


Flower-Insect Timed Count (FIT Count)

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Record Pollinators!

Contribute to the All Ireland Pollinator Plan by carrying out a 10 minute watch in your own garden! There are concerns that the numbers of pollinating insects such as bees and flies are declining. More data is needed to be able to track changes in abundance. You can help by doing a Flower-Insect Timed (FIT) Count which is designed to collect new data on the numbers of flower-visiting insects. For full details and to get involved, visit the Flower-Insect Timed Count page on 

National Lottery Funding Programmes Northern Ireland

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National Lottery Awards for All Northern Ireland

A quick way to apply for smaller amounts of funding between £300 and £10,000

Suitable forVoluntary or community organisations, Public sector organisationsFunding size  £300 to £10,000

Deadline : rolling


COVID-19 Charities Fund

Awarding emergency funding to charities in Northern Ireland

Area Northern Ireland Suitable for Local charities facing severe financial difficulty Funding size Up to £75,000 Total available £15.5 million

Application deadline

Friday 10 July, 4pm

Dive-Ni Website launched!

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On 8th June, World Oceans Day, CEDaR launched the new DiveNI website. DiveNI is the new definitive online resource for scuba diving, snorkelling, freediving and exploring the coast around Northern Ireland.  The website provides information and images for >150 sites within our marine area, and is aimed at promoting our local marine natural and historical heritage and encouraging marine exploration and recording. As part of the overall DiveNI project we have produced brand new species


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  • We all want to enjoy our nature, landscapes and coasts outdoors with our families and friends.  Alongside government protocols and public health guidelines, here are some tips to help us all to: make sound decisions and continue to Stay Safe, to be considerate to others and to protect our precious environment that provides our source of inspiration, our food and water, supports our health and wellbeing, and underpins our economy.



Digital Growth Programme

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Newry, Mourne & Down District Council / Ards & North Down Borough Council

FREE 1:1 digital innovation mentoring

With digital marketing and immersive technology becoming such a vital tool for businesses in today’s world for boosting sales, generating leads and reaching new customers, businesses will need as much knowledge and experience as they can in this field. The Digital Growth Programme is designed to give businesses valuable advice and support from experts in the industry, between 1:1 mentoring and workshops, where they can then develop their digital...

NMD Business Growth

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NMD Businesss header new 1

Business Support and Advice from the Enterprise Development Team, Newry Mourne and Down District Council. The first point of contact for businesses, from the smallest through to the very largest. Offering a range of expertise and advice to support local businesses. Working closely with a number of partners and providers and can put you in touch with just the right person to help your business succeed.

It's #PlasticFreeJuly!

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#PlasticFreeJuly is here are you ready to take the challenge?

Learn more about the Plastic Free July global movement and take challenge here.

There are lots of simple things that you can do to reduce your use of plastic, such as bring your own reusable water bottle, choosing plastic free alternatives when buying fruit and vegetables, refusing plastic straws with your drinks and always take your own reusable bags to the shops.

A great place to start is by making your Plastic Promise with Live Here...

Strangford Lough Survey - Please Take Part!

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Please consider taking part in a 10-minute online survey on Strangford Lough. Constance Schéré, a PhD candidate at King’s College London, is studying marine conservation at Strangford Lough. Part of her PhD research is to understand the role equity (i.e. fairness and inclusion) plays in conservation. Equitable conservation is vital to ensuring effective protection of natural resources while maintaining human well-being, yet equity tends to be overlooked in protected area assessments.

In this fully anonymous survey, you...

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