National Lottery Grants for Heritage

Created on: Friday, 13 November 2020. Posted in: News

National Lottery Grants for Heritage

From 25 November 2020 the National Lottery Heritage Fund will resume accepting applications for project grants from £3,000-£10,00 and £10,000-£100,000. They are looking for projects with emphasis on organisational resilience and inclusion.

Then, beginning 8 February 2021 they will resume accepting applications from £100,000-£250,000 and £205,000-£5m.

They will prioritise projects that:

  • • boost local economy
  • • provide job creation and encourage skills development
  • • support local health and wellbeing
  • • encourage community cohesion
  • • build in environmental sustainability & inclusion

“Now, more than ever, I believe that heritage has to demonstrate its economic contribution and value to our national life and support for the recovery of our local economies and communities.”


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