Dive-Ni Website launched!

Created on: Friday, 03 July 2020. Posted in: News

Dive-Ni Website launched!

On 8th June, World Oceans Day, CEDaR launched the new DiveNI website. DiveNI is the new definitive online resource for scuba diving, snorkelling, freediving and exploring the coast around Northern Ireland.  The website provides information and images for >150 sites within our marine area, and is aimed at promoting our local marine natural and historical heritage and encouraging marine exploration and recording. As part of the overall DiveNI project we have produced brand new species ID guides which can be downloaded directly from the website, or free hard (waterproof) copies can be requested by emailing info@dive-ni.com.  As part of the DiveNI launch, CEDaR recorded a number of short videos, talking to some eminent local divers about their experiences from exploring our marine environment. These can be viewed on the DiveNI YouTube Channel. 

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