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Welcome to Coney Island Beach

Welcome to Coney Island Beach - your home for the holidays but the home of many different kinds of wildlife all year round! Please help us to protect our special places.

Householder Awareness Improving Water Quality in your local area

Advice from NIEA on raising household awareness to improving water quality in your local area, which includes NIEA free phone hotline 24hr number for reporting urgent water pollution incidents in confidence and an email address for other incidents that do not require immediate attention


Archaeology Strangford Activity Sheets iSpy Around the Lough

As you are driving around the lough why not play iSpy with a difference. The castles, abbeys and estates make Strangford special - but almost every where you look there are all sorts of clues to how our ancestors used the lough and its landscape. Have a go at these iSpy Activity Sheets

Portaferry Heritage trail

Follow this town’s history through its built heritage - from its Norman castle and medieval graveyard to the present day with a vitally important lifeboat station and a centre for marine research. The trail follows a circular numbered walking route about 2 miles (3.6km) long .

Portaferry and Strangford Heritage Information Sheet

Portaferry and Strangford are well known for their beautiful scenery and warm welcome. They have an unusual topography, hilly narrow streets bordered by colourful shops, pubs, and cafes, which add to their charm and appeal. Situated on the shores of Strangford Lough, they are served by a ferry crossing the waters to Strangford every 30 minutes (takes only 8 minutes on average). The island-studded Strangford Lough is the largest sea Lough in the UK & Ireland, covering 80 square nautical miles, (approximately 150 square kms including intertidal). It is approached from the Irish Sea through the fast-running tidal “Narrows” which open out into more gentle waters.

Coastal Rowing The Narrows Challenges

In 2014, people living along the County Down coast from Donaghadee to Dumdrum, built nine coastal rowing boats (St Ayles' skiffs) as part of a revival of interest in our maritime and boat building heritage and the development of maritime tourism. Strangers soon became friends and part of a team, pooling their expertise and gaining new skills.

Literary Strangford

Literary Strangford is a leaflet produced in 2009 by Strangford Lough & Lecale Partnership celebrating Strangford Lough's rich literacy connections.

Experience The Narrows of Strangford Lough Leaflet

A beautifully illustrated (Anne Anderson) leaflet produced by Strangford Lough and Lecale Partnership. This leaflet contains information on the fascinating maritme heritage, captivating wildlife, outstanding natural beauty, exciting coastal activiites, and racing tides associated with the Narrows of Strangford Lough.

Archaeology Strangford A Guide

The Archaeological heritage of the Strangford Lough area is breathtaking, a 10,000 year spectrum spanning Mescolithic flint scatters and shell middens, and prehistoric tombs; early Christian raths, medieval monastries, fish traps and towerhouses; and magnificent 17th and 18th centuary estates with their mansions and designed landscapes. 

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