Coast Care -Clean the Coast

Coast Care -Clean the Coast


Strangford Lough and Lecale Partnership are encouraging coastal communities to take pride in and care for their stretch of coast.

Through this project we will empower local volunteers and community groups, providing them with the framework necessary for future environmental management (marine litter collection) of the area. Helping to improve and conserve some of most beautiful and important coastline for local people and visitors alike.

This project will instil a civic pride in the areas within the AONB, leaving local communities with an understanding of, and the desire to continue on with the work of reducing marine litter and therefore the impact that it has on their environment.   By instilling a desire in coastal communities to take pride in and care for their particular stretch of coastline, leaving a legacy of local communities equipped and committed to caring for and protecting their coastline, for the use and enjoyment of all. 





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