Townlands and Gateways

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Townlands and Gateways Townlands and Gateways

Farmers and landowners invited to participate in
townlands and gateways project

The Strangford Lough and Lecale Partnership are restoring tradition gateways as part of our townlands and gateways project and are asking local farmers and landowners to get involved. We restore sets of traditional gates and stone gateposts at no cost to the farmer. Through this work we hope to provide opportunities for local people to find out more about traditional farm practices and built heritage on their land. We have already successfully restored gateways in the Greyabbey, Raholp, Newtownards, Ardkeen, Kilclief, Portaferry and Reagh Island areas. To do this we have utilised the skills of local stonemasons and blacksmiths with the co-operation and involvement of the landowners. With your help we can preserve and restore these important elements of the architectural heritage of our rural landscape before they disappear.
If you live in the Strangford Lough and Lecale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and have an interest in townlands, field names and the built and natural heritage of your area the Strangford Lough and Lecale Partnership (SLLP) would like to hear from you. The SLLP's Townlands and Gateways project will research and share information on townlands and traditional land management, produce attractive maps of the area's townlands, restore traditional farm gates and gateways and involve local communities in finding out more about our farmland and agricultural heritage features. It is part of the SLLP's Turn O' The Tide programme to engage people with their heritage, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.
"We are asking the people who manage and own the land to share with us their knowledge about their townland, farm and local land management traditions", says Caroline Nolan, SLLP Manager. "In return we may be able to answer some of their questions about their natural and built heritage and together we can record and share this information with local communities".
Together we can record and promote local names, histories and traditions before they vanish from our memories. We can also help to read our landscape linking human endeavours to the area's geology, habitats and wildlife from the past to the present day.
If you believe you could help us please contact the Strangford Lough and Lecale Partnership on 028 4272 8886/ 9005 or email:

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