Community Relations / Cultural Diversity Grant Funding

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Community Relations / Cultural Diversity Grant Funding

NI's Community Relations and Cultural Diversity Grant Accepting Applications

Northern Ireland's Community Relations and Cultural Diversity Grants scheme is inviting applications from locally based voluntary and community organisations for projects primarily involving adults.

Groups can apply for grants of up to £10,000 (most grants will be awarded for a smaller amount) to develop their capacity to engage in community relations work and to enhance the community relations potential of projects they undertake.

The scheme is aimed at locally based groups such as community development groups, cultural organisations, women's groups, church groups, tenants associations and other organisations and groups involved in community relations, reconciliation projects and cultural engagement for projects primarily involving adults.

Project objectives should match at least one of the following objectives:

  • Develop opportunities for groups to explore their own cultures, beliefs and traditions increasing their capacities to develop relations with those from other cultures.
  • Develop opportunities for groups to extend their knowledge and understanding of others' culture, beliefs and traditions.
  • To enable groups to challenge stereotypes of their own and other communities in order to acknowledge and address differences.
  • To increase the ability and confidence of groups and organisations to identify issues which divide them.
  • To develop networks of communication, trust and co-operation between divided communities.
  • To promote models of good practice for community relations work in Northern Ireland.

Grants can be used to cover the costs of the following:

  • Freelance external trainers, artists or facilitators.
  • Key note speakers.
  • Basic travel costs within Northern Ireland and Ireland.
  • External room hire.
  • Hospitality and catering.
  • Resource materials to support CR activities.
  • Accommodation and overnight residential.
  • Bursaries for community relations practitioners to attend conferences. These are limited to one bursary per year for an individual from an applicant group.

The deadline for applications is 1 November 2021.


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