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Codes of Practice /Regulations

Welcome to Coney Island Beach

Welcome to Coney Island Beach - your home for the holidays but the home of many different kinds of wildlife all year round! Please help us to protect our special places.

Share the Shore

In response to the findings of  "A report on the impact of recreational sprot and activities on overwintering birds", a postcard and a series of 6 interpretive panels were produced to help raise awareness of, specifically, dog disturbance on these bird populations.

Householder Awareness Improving Water Quality in your local area

Advice from NIEA on raising household awareness to improving water quality in your local area, which includes NIEA free phone hotline 24hr number for reporting urgent water pollution incidents in confidence and an email address for other incidents that do not require immediate attention



Situated on the east coast of Northern Ireland, Strangford Lough is a large shallow sea lough with an indented shoreline and a wide variety of marine and intertidal habitats. The west shore has numerous islands typical of flooded drumlin topography. The Lough contains extensive areas of mudflat and also sandflats, saltmarsh and rocky coastline. This is Northern Ireland’s most important coastal site for wintering waterfowl, and it is important for breeding terns.

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