Bird Nest Surveying on Strangford Lough with The National Trust

Created on: Friday, 15 June 2018. Posted in: Coastal Guardians News

Bird Nest Surveying on Strangford Lough with The National Trust

On Tuesday 12th June 2018 SLLP staff took part in a bird nest survey with Strangford Lough National Trust rangers.

Cormorant, Tern and Gull nests were all surveyed throughout the lough. Landing on the island with cormorant breeding colony was a bit like landing on a different planet. With large nests spread out all along the top of the shore made from seaweed, grasses and twigs. We observed some nests with eggs and others with chicks of all sizes and stages of development, almost prehistoric looking in appearance! An amazing sight!

The highlight of the day was the special find of two Mediterranean Gull chicks. This gull is not commonly seen in Strangford Lough. It was a real pleasure to be there to see the adult and chicks and help to ring the chicks for future monitoring purposes.

Please remember it is an offence to deliberately disturb breeding bird colonies and the National Trust ask you not to land on the islands where birds are breeding.

To find out more about conservation work with the National Trust on Strangford Lough visit 

Strangford Lough & Ards Peninsula - National Trust

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