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An audit of access to Strangford Lough for water-based recreation

Strangford Lough and Lecale Partnership, on behalf of Newry, Mourne and Down District Council and Ards and North Down Borough Council commissioned Outdoor Recreation NI to complete 'An Audit of Access to Strangford Lough for Water-based Recreation' May 2018.

This included:- 

  • an audit of current and potential access to the lough for water-based recreation
  • site based recommendations relevant to potential development of sustainable water-based recreation
  • strategic recommendations relevant to the holistic development and management of sustainable water-based recreation


Archaeology Strangford Activity Sheets iSpy Around the Lough

As you are driving around the lough why not play iSpy with a difference. The castles, abbeys and estates make Strangford special - but almost every where you look there are all sorts of clues to how our ancestors used the lough and its landscape. Have a go at these iSpy Activity Sheets

Archaeology Strangford A Guide

The Archaeological heritage of the Strangford Lough area is breathtaking, a 10,000 year spectrum spanning Mescolithic flint scatters and shell middens, and prehistoric tombs; early Christian raths, medieval monastries, fish traps and towerhouses; and magnificent 17th and 18th centuary estates with their mansions and designed landscapes.