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Archaeology Strangford Activity Sheets iSpy Around the Lough

As you are driving around the lough why not play iSpy with a difference. The castles, abbeys and estates make Strangford special - but almost every where you look there are all sorts of clues to how our ancestors used the lough and its landscape. Have a go at these iSpy Activity Sheets

Archaeology Strangford a Guide

Strangford Lough's archaeological heritage is breathtaking, a 10,000 year spectrum spanning Mesolithic flint and shell middens, and prehistoric tombs; early Christian raths, medieval monasteries, fishtraps and towerhouses; and magnificent 17th and 18th century estates with their mansions and exotic gardens. This leaflet was produced by Strangford Lough & Lecale Partnership as part of the Turn O' the Tide project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.